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About Us

Mission Statement: The Mission of the North Pacific Juniors Volleyball Club is to recruit, support and train committed athletes to play competitive volleyball and prepare them with essential skills for high school, as well as college level competition.

The Goals of the North Pacific Juniors Volleyball Club are:

  • to provide an opportunity for competitive and committed female athletes to develop and expand their athletic skills to their highest potential and strive for excellence
  • to increase players’ knowledge and understanding of individual and team skills and strategies
  • to help players develop positive decision making responses and behaviors essential for challenges faced both on and off the court

Approach: The North Pacific Juniors Volleyball Club offers a comprehensive training approach that endorses sportsmanship, team building, leadership, integrity, self-discipline, and a hard work ethic as the foundation for all team/club interactions. Under the direction of experienced and expertly trained coaches, athletes will participate in intensive instruction. They will learn skills in order to achieve a high level of success by demonstrating understanding and expertise related to the fundamentals, strategies and communication required for membership in a successful team. Skill development and effective decision making will be modeled in a positive environment.

Due to the extremely high level of competition that we will aspire to, this club may not be for everyone. We will train to win, and coach matches in a manner that allows every team to compete and win at the highest level possible. This strategy will provide the maximum amount of exposure for our club members to gain recognition from college scouts. NPJ is dedicated to assisting serious athletes in securing favorable competitive play opportunities as they seek higher education.